5Sustainable Products

MPK Flexibles LLC is committed to sustainability in our process, our products and our procedures. We are involved with and promote sustainable business practices that are in line with our values and mission.

The Qs and As of Buying Environmentally Friendly Bags

Where is it made?

Buying regionally/locally will limit the ecological transportation impact. We are a domestic manufacturer located in New York.

What is the material?

Options include recycled content material (post industrial and post consumer), biodegradable material and calcium carbonate material (non petroleum based resin).

If printed, what are the inks used?

We offer printing using water based inks that emit very little VOC’s (Volatile Organic Chemicals) into the air during production. Solvent based inks emit a lot more chemicals.

What is the end use?

Can the package be down gauged without sacrificing performance? Down gauging will save cost and save resources. We offer free hand made samples to help determine if a thinner bag will work.

What is being printed on the bags or is there an environmental claim to the package or product itself?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has come out with new guidelines governing environmental claims. Claims of being “green”, “recyclable”, “natural”, “organic”, “biodegradable” are all potentially deceptive if not qualified. The guide help avoid making claims that are unfair or deceptive to the consumer. We encourage you to read the green guides as written if you are pursuing environmental claims as they relate to your product or package.

Please contact us for more information as it relates to your specific packaging needs.

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