flatpouchesWe Specialize In Packaging Solutions

At MPK Flexibles we provide quality and service at an excellent price. Our goal is to help our clients improve upon and exceed their own standards. We offer consulting services and made to order options so each client receives the exact packaging solution they need.

Packaging Consulting

We offer consulting services for all packaging needs. Our consulting team has years of experience working with clients to create custom solutions that protect your product from the damaging effects of moisture, static, pests, debris, UV rays, and other contaminants. Whether you need to preserve items during long-term storage, the manufacturing process or shipping, we can help you find the right solution.

179123278We Specialize in Custom Orders

We Make Bags of All Sizes, Shapes and Materials.
We make bags, tubing, and sheets in a wide range of shapes and sizes for multiple uses. From moisture barrier bags to static shielding bags, we have the machines and skilled packaging professionals to find the solution to your packaging challenges.

We are a flexible packaging converter and can convert any of our materials into bags, tubes, sheets, or even gusseted custom fit shapes. You provide the dimensions, and our team of packaging specialists can do the rest.

Let us create your packaging solution.  Call us at 845-473-3700.




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