Poly Zips

Benefits of a Poly Zip Bag

poly zip

  • Less labor intensive when loading compared to a regular zipper style bag. Loading the bag from the bottom and heat-sealing the bag can save time and money compared to loading a conventional zipper style bag through the top.
  • Creates a tamper proof bag. Customer is assured they are receiving the correct count and the product has not been tampered with.

Our poly-zip bags can be made in a variety of materials:

  • Low Density or Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE or LLDPE)
  • EVA
  • Metalocene
  • Biodegradable
  • UVI
  • Colors
  • Pink Anti Stat
  • Colored LDPE including standard opaque and tinted colors. H
  • DPE and Polypropylene

poly zip 2Poly-Zip Bag Options

  • Serration above the zipper for ease of opening.
  • Bottom load zipper style bags can be put either on wickets or stapled to a card for ease of loading.
  • Custom films and printing options
  • Hang holes and vents come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Hang holes can be placed above the zipper either centered or offset.
  • Hang hole below the zipper for extra strength
  • Metal eyelet hang holes
  • A variety of vent sizes, styles and patterns are available on custom zipper style bags.

Poly-Zip Pouch Bags

Added pouches are ideal for Specimen / Lab bags.

  • The paperwork is put in the pouch keeping it away from the contents inside the zipper bag.
  • Pouch can be made with a fold over flap to secure contents.
  • Pouch can also be made with a re-sealable tape closure.
  • An internal pouch within the zipper bag is also available.
  • Compartment seals can also be applied to the bag to “separate contents” within the bag itself.

Hand-made samples available upon request.


Note: When measuring zipper bags, the length is measure from the zipper to the bottom. When considering the width, it is necessary to allow for the ultrasonic weld that reduces the bag at the opening by .25”.


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