Anti-Corrosive Materials

Anti – Corrosive Films

  • Do you have machinery and products that need rust and corrosion protection?

  • Planning on storing metal products or electrical goods for long periods of time?

MPK Flexibles has a multitude of protective packaging alternatives to intercept and control corrosion. So whether you’re looking to protect valuable mining, medical or marine products, or have automotive and defence machinery being transported we can help you avoid  rust and corrosion.

VCI Film

If you need a flexible film to protect and safeguard your product from corrosion, then the VCI film is what you are looking for. VCI is a stretch film that can be molded to the contour of your product. Not only does VCI film assist in keeping the air away from your product, there are additives that are released from the film which protects the product it covers from corrosion.  VCI stands for; “Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting”. It’s a barrier film that isn’t required to have direct contact with the product it is protecting..

For added protection against moisture desiccant bags can be placed inside before it is sealed off.

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